Another Fine Mess for African Telecoms ~ March 2018

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'Another Fine Mess for African Telecoms ~ March 2018'

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The operations of MTN and Airtel have attracted the largest number of fines from African governments, a recent briefing by Xalam Analytics has found. The value of fines imposed on MTN by African governments in the past three years was the highest, reaching about USD 400 million, and that is with excluding the Nigerian fine of USD 5.2 billion. 

Xalam Analytics graphics from Another Fine Mess for African Telecoms
Source: Xalam Analytics

Xalam Analytics' principal analyst Guy Zibi said: "Airtel's African operations have been the most targeted by government procedures, slightly ahead of MTN’s. In terms of fine value, MTN is the largest target of African telco fines, even excluding the USD 5.2 billion Nigeria fine".

The study examines some 20 African markets between 2011 and 2017. 


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