Vodafone Africa: Will it be the dominant force in Africa?

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'Vodafone Africa: Will it be the dominant force in Africa?'

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Tracking Vodafone in global markets
Vodacom: feast followed by famine...
Vodfaone Ghana: a missing piece of the puzzle?
Safaricom: success and reality
Qatar: old and new ideas
Vodafone India: high hopes and high taxes
Vodafone Nigeria: first prize at a cost
Will Vodafone be the dominant force in Africa?
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Charts include:

Vodafone Regional Mobile Subscribers 4Q 2011
South Africa Mobile Operators 4Q 2011
Ghana Mobile Operators February 2012
Ghana Mobile Subscriber, Quarterly Change and Penetration 4Q09-4Q11
Kenya Mobile Operators 4Q 2011
Qatar Mobile Subscribers & Q-o-Q change 1Q 2009 - 4Q 2011
Qatar Mobile Subscriber, Quarterly Change and Penetration 4Q09-4Q11
India Mobile Operators May 2012
Nigeria GSM Mobile Operators 1Q 2012


Web Poll results:

- If Vodafone were to make a major acquisition, where would it be?
- How well respected is the Vodafone brand is in Africa and Asia-Pacific?
- Why is Vodafone so successful in emerging markets?
- What is the greatest threat to Vodafone in Emerging Markets?
- How would you describe Vodafone's acquisition strategy?
- Which region will be dominant for Vodafone in 2022?


You will learn...

What Vodacom taught grandma to say...and why it's still 'good' 20-years later What Vodacom's dominance in South Africa means for Cell C, Virgin and Telkom's 8ta... Why the move to data could alter the landscape for Vodacom RSA... How Vodacom suffered as a result of its links with Vodafone...and why, in the end, it probably didn't stop any essential developments What lessions Tanzania learn't from RSA... What was in Alan Knott-Craig's toolkit that was a great help to the operator in the early years... Why Cell C could shake up, rather than break-up, the market.... Why Vodafone got a 'good' deal in Gahan...and what the State wants in return Vodafone's unique challenge...and what watchful but somewhat unpredictable national regulator brings to the mix. What makes Ghana a good market for MNOs... M-Pesa is the well-known mobile money service, but what about Kipokezi?, and why that might be just as significant in its own way...but doesn't make the headlines. Why complex and idiosyncratic deals are part and parcel of the African telecoms scene...and the roles of governments and regulators in them. Why interconnect rates are so crucial to MNO success... The problems facing Safaricom despite, or because of, its dominant position... Some of the contradictions of Qatar's regulatory process...and how Vodafone has taken advantage. Why Vodafone will take on fixed-line operations...and what the downsides are for it How Vodafone may have had its business plan compromised in Qatar...and what this means for it longer term Why Vodafone needs to be wary of the Indian regulator...and the tax man! And why Vodafone is better placed that some of its international competitors that have set up shop in India. Is Nigeria a lost opportunity or a future prospect? Why Vodafone should focus on emerging markets...even devoting its resources completely to that strategy. And more, much more!

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