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MVNOs looked to offer great promise when Virgin Mobile originally launched in the UK and showed that it could accurately target a niche market that had been largely ignored by the classic MNOs in the market. But times and technologies change. Today most MVNOs understand the MVNO key principles and critical success factors, which in the past were the exclusive domain of pricing and wholesale experts, and certyain mobile executives. The current MVNO business and decision maker understands that it operates more as a retail business rather than a traditional telco enterprise. 

This whitepaper focuses on the revitalisation of the MVNO business segment around the globe (2014-2018). In the near future, the MVNO market and its entire eco-system will present lucrative opportunities for all players involved, mainly MNOs, MVNOs, MVNAs, MVNEs, FMC and Quad Play operartors, retailers and VAS application and content providers.

The whitepaper examines:

> Rapid growth in emerging markets  > Changing business models for MNOs  > Readiness of MVNOs and MVNEs

Charts include:

> Lansdowne projections of MVNO/es growth by region > Flexible value chain and new emphasis on customer needs

The paper is authored by Lothar Hessel, Associate Partner of Lansdowne Consulting, an independent strategy and management consulting firm with offices in London, Los Angeles, Munich and Tokyo. Lansdowne provides an integrated strategy and delivery backed by a world-class team and results focus. Recent assignments have included a global media-telecom and Internet business facing rising customer churn and falling profits. It used its revenue growth diagnostic tool to identify the underlying issues and opportunities, and developed a revenue growth roadmap covering both process-related and customer-driven interventions to reduce churn and increase profitability..

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