How to reduce the cost of ownership of 4G/LTE networks

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'How to reduce the cost of ownership of 4G/LTE networks'

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Carriers spend an estimated USD 36 billion globally on energy expense to keep wireless base stations online. That includes USD 21.9 billion in grid power, according to ABI Research, and another USD 14.6 million in gasoline and diesel for gen-sets according to the GSMA.

Those costs have risen dramatically in recent years as energy prices continue to climb and the number of base stations increases due to customer demand in the developed world for more data and new networks in the emerging markets.

The higher cost of energy is a significant driver in the evolution and innovation of the power infrastructure and technology that supports and powers these networks and explains why the use of high efficiency and alternative energy power (or hybrid) systems is gaining significant attention and being considered far more closely when carriers are determining how they will provide to power their network infrastructure.

Recent developments in high efficiency and hybrid power management have paved the way and with a payback period as little as two years and a ten- year or longer useful life, these cost-saving features are an important consideration when determining the appropriate network power infrastructure.

This whitepaper will look at the key ways that a DC power system can save money for wireless carriers, including high efficiency, support for alternative energy, intelligent monitoring power density and design for reliability.

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