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Analysis Mason's experts have over 30 years of consulting and research expertise in TMT sectors worldwide and have completed more than 200 projects in Africa in the last 10 years. Analy...(more)

Ovum Africa Market Outlook, November 2015
Africa Market Outlook by Ovum identifies and analyses recent major developments in the African telecoms market, as well as assessing the prospects for the sector and providing strategic recommendation...(more)

MVNOs in the Middle East & Africa research briefing
Claim your free copy of the 'MVNOs in the Middle East and Africa 2012' from the publishers of 'Africa & Middle East Telecom-Week'. You will receive 23-pages of analysis and insight: Chapters inclu...(more)

Revival of MVNOs: a downloadable whitepaper
Download your free copy of the 'Revival of MVNOs' from Lansdowne Consulting MVNOs looked to offer great promise when Virgin Mobile originally launched in the UK and showed that it could accuratel...(more)

Vodafone Africa: Will it be the dominant force in Africa?
Claim your free copy of the 'Vodafone Africa 2012: Will it be the dominant force in Africa?' from the publishers of 'Africa & Middle East Telecom-Week'. You will receive 38-pages of analysis and i...(more)

Airtel in Africa 2012: Key factors & SWOT analysis
Chapters include: Mobile wars in Africa: is Airtel winning? Airtel Confidence Survey Airtel SWOT Analysis Survey demographics About this research service The MNO Directory (with sample operator profil...(more)

The LTE Imperative: a downloadable whitepaper
Download your free copy of the 'The LTE Imperative' from Alcatel-Lucent. With the proliferation of new smart devices/tablets and the move towards storage, streaming and processing of all apps and...(more)

Social Messaging for Mobile Operators: a downloadable whitepaper
Social messaging is becoming more pervasive, and Ovum expects it to cannibalize up to $54bn of SMS revenues by 2016. Operators have therefore come under pressure to drive revenues from the non-voice p...(more)

How to reduce the cost of ownership of 4G/LTE networks
Carriers spend an estimated USD 36 billion globally on energy expense to keep wireless base stations online. That includes USD 21.9 billion in grid power, according to ABI Research, and another USD 14...(more)

Identity as a Service: Bringing Individual Identities to Handsets
Carriers have been facing an increasingly challenging environment in the Value-Added Services (VAS) marketplace, facing tremendous traffic growth, eroding service revenues, and growing competition fro...(more)

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