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Africa & Middle East Mobile Market Factbook 2Q 2014 from the publisher's of 'Africa & Middle East Telecom-Week'

'African & Middle East Mobile Factbook 2Q 2014'

29-pages of analysis, forecasts and data supported by 36 charts and tables. Chapters include: East Mediterranean; Gulf, North, West, East, Southern & Central Mobile Network Subscriber Statistics 2Q 2013; Africa & ME Mobile Penetration Africa & Middle East Top 10 Mobile Operators; and Africa and Middle East Major Mobile Groups by Subscribers.

cover of Identity as a Service: Bringing Your Individual Identities to Your Handset 2014 whitepaper
Fronf cover of How to reduce the cost of ownership of 4G/LTE networks by Eltek
Frint cover of Social Messaging for Operators free downloadable whitepaper 2014