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The Africa & Middle East Mobile Telecoms Market in Figures: The Essential Statistical Companion - 2Q 2012

Published - July 2012 :: Pages - 133 :: Tables - 42 :: Charts - 38 :: Charts with tabular material - 56

Is Africa still the world's fastest growing mobile market, or is the on-going global credit squeeze causing it to lose some of its shine? Or are some markets more recession-proof than others? What impact will the new entrants have such as Glo in Ghana; Cafe in Cote d'Ivoire; Airtel in Rwanda and Movitel in Mozambique - and which ones are expected to gain share in the next five years? Who is the top dog in Africa now...and which operators represent a potential serious threat to them...and which major group probably doesn't?

Each quarter the editorial team of 'Africa & Middle East Telecom-Week' compiles a data-rich quarterly companion 'The Africa & Middle East Mobile Telecoms Market in Figures: 2Q 2012'

Download your copy of the The Africa & Middle East Mobile Telecoms Market in Figures: 2Q 2012 from the publishers of 'Africa & Middle East Telecom-Week'.

You will receive 133-pages providing you with a concise overview of mobile network operator subscriber data across Africa and the Middle East.

Sections include:

  • About the 2Q 2012 statistics
    Africa Region Mobile Subscribers
    Africa Mobile Penetration
    Africa Top 100 Mobile Network Operators
    Middle East Top 40 Mobile Network Operators
    Africa & Middle East Top 100 Mobile Operators
    Africa Net Additions by Region & State
    Middle East Net Additions by Region & State
    East Mediterranean Mobile Network Subscribers
    Gulf Mobile Network Subscribers
    North Africa Mobile Network Subscribers
    West Africa Mobile Network Subscribers
    Southern Africa Mobile Network Subscribers
    Central Africa Mobile Network Subscribers
    East Africa Mobile Network Subscribers
    Africa Major Mobile Groups
    Middle East Major Mobile Groups
    Major North Africa Mobile Markets
    Major West Africa Mobile Markets
    Major Central Africa Mobile Markets
    Major East Africa Mobile Markets
    Major Southern Africa Mobile Markets
    Major Middle East Mobile Markets
    Mobile Network Operator Forecasts 4Q 2012 - 4Q 2016
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