Angola Cables connects with FiberLight for Monet access

Angola Cables announced on 15 February 2018that US-based, FiberLight LLC is to provide backhaul connectivity in the US, starting with Miami, and expanding to other locations later.  The partnership will enable the delivery of Monet derived services to a wider range of clients and markets.

The recently completed 10,556-km Monet cable linking Florida to Brazil is capable of delivering a minimum of 64 Tbps of capacity, providing a low-latency route to users in the US and Latin America.  Angola Cables operates two fibre optic pairs within the Monet cable system, one transmitting data from Fortaleza, Brazil to the US and the other carrying traffic to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Angola Cables’ CEO Antonio Nunes said that the appointment of FiberLight offers extended advantages to local and international connectivity operators, adding: “The link-up with FiberLight will allow Angola Cables to deliver reliable, high graded services beyond the Monet cable termination point of MI3 Equinix and the data centre in Boca Raton at Equinix’s MI1 colocation facility in Miami, Florida.”

Equinix’s MI1 is also known as the NAP of the Americas (NOTA) and is the primary gateway for Internet traffic between the US and Brazil.

FiberLight LLC currently owns more than 1,900,000 miles of dense fibre infrastructure covering US metropolitan areas. Through its backbone of over 26,000 access points, it delivers Ethernet, IP and data transport services for national and regional carriers, mobile wireless, ISPs, cable and content providers.

15 February 2018