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SWAZILAND: Regulator sits on MTN rate reductions
Published in issue 00781 of 17 Aug 2017

The Swaziland Communication Commission (SCCOM) has reportedly blocked an attempt by MTN Swaziland to reduce tariffs, the Swazi Observer noted.  The paper reports 'well-placed sources' a... More

SWAZILAND: Parliament presses for greater liberalisation of infrastructure
Published in issue 00781 of 17 Aug 2017

Members of Parliament (MPs) are to press the Cabinet to liberalise the backbone infrastructure and international gateway, The Swazi Observer reported. On 14 August MPs said these were the infrastru... More

SWAZILAND: Swazi Mobile looks to share MTN infrastructure
Published in issue 00764 of 20 Apr 2017

Swazi Mobile is expected to share tower infrastructure with MTN Swaziland, the latter’s CEO, Ambrose Dlamini, has told local news portals.  The newly licensed mobile operator inte... More

SWAZILAND: Minister denies restructuring delayed till late 2018
Published in issue 00762 of 06 Apr 2017

The Cabinet is reported to have stopped Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC) and Swazi MTN from continuing with their negotiations to pull out of the Joint Venture Agreement (J... More

SWAZILAND: Swazi Mobile granted third licence
Published in issue 00749 of 05 Jan 2017

Swazi Mobile Limited is to be the third company to compete with Swazi MTN,  to trade as ‘Swazi Mobile’, the Swazi Observer reported. The other mobile licence has been awarded to SP... More

SWAZILAND: MTN complies with laundering legislation
Published in issue 00746 of 08 Dec 2016

MTN Swaziland has frozen the accounts of non-registered mobile money users with effect from 1 December, the Swazi Observer reported.  MTN customers could send money, through mobile mone... More

SWAZILAND: MTN share options considered by SEL
Published in issue 00742 of 10 Nov 2016

The Swaziland Empowerment Limited (SEL) is looking to acquire some of the MTN shares held by Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC), The Observer reported. SEL Board Chairman Cle... More

SWAZILAND: Bids received for second mobile licence
Published in issue 00742 of 10 Nov 2016

On 31 October four companies submitted bids for an individual electronic communications network and service licence, according to Swaziland Communications Commission’s Acting Chief Executive ... More

SWAZILAND: SCCOM says MTN licence issued legally
Published in issue 00711 of 24 Mar 2016

The Swaziland Communication Commission (SCCOM) has confirmed that the Swazi MTN 4G licence was issued legally and according to the legislation, The Swazi Times reported.  Ozzie Thakatha... More

SWAZILAND: 4G spectrum awarded to MTN
Published in issue 00710 of 17 Mar 2016

MTN Swaziland has been granted a licence for LTE (4G) spectrum by the Swaziland Communications Commission (SCCOM), according to SCCOM Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ozzie Thakatha, the Swazi Observe... More

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