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NIGER: Service quality sees all four cellcos fined
Published in issue 00788 of 19 Oct 2017

All four mobile operators have been fined more than XOF 3.5 billion (USD 6.32 million) for failing to improve their quality and coverage of service, Agence Ecofin reported. L'Autorite de Reg... More

NIGER: Funding for Trans-Saharan cable ratified
Published in issue 00770 of 01 Jun 2017

Last week the Council of Ministers ratified a loan agreement of some XOF 15 billion (USD 25.6 million) for the financing of the Trans-Saharan fibre-optic backbone project. The agreement was signed ... More

NIGER: State telcos to be merged
Published in issue 00738 of 06 Oct 2016

State-owned fixed and mobile operators have now been merged into a single entity to expand its market share. Sonitel operates fixed lines and Sahelcom a mobile network. The two have now been m... More

NIGER: State considers consolidation of telecom assets
Published in issue 00690 of 22 Oct 2015

The merger of state-owned fixed-line operator SONITEL and mobile operator Sahel Com is being mooted to better face mounting competition from private operators, the Minister of Te... More

NIGER: Ericsson wins Airtel 3G upgrade
Published in issue 00658 of 26 Feb 2015

Airtel is to provide a 3G network, and has contracted Ericsson as the exclusive 3G HSPA end-to-end hardware, software and related service... More

NIGER: Regulator announces penalties for mobile misbehaviour
Published in issue 00635 of 04 Sep 2014

The Regulatory Agency for Telecommunications and Post (ARTP) has announced that mobile operators are to face sanctions. The regulator noted that there had been violations of the ... More

NIGER: Satellite for Orange backhaul
Published in issue 00632 of 14 Aug 2014

Intelsat has announced that Orange Niger is utilising Intelsat capacity to expand its rural mobile network. The multi-year deal will see Intelsat provide C-band broadband... More

NIGER: Airtel awarded mobile licences
Published in issue 00630 of 31 Jul 2014

A 3G licence has been awarded to mobile operator Celtel Niger, which is owned by Bharti Airtel, and trades under the Airtel moniker. Celtel originally launched services in 1999.... More

NIGER: China to provide enhanced fibre network
Published in issue 00602 of 09 Jan 2014

China is to provide finance to the tune of XOF 49.5 billion (USD 62.4 million) to finance the construction of fibre optic and other telecommunications services, according to an a... More

NIGER: Registration deadline see one third of subscribers cut-off
Published in issue 00599 of 05 Dec 2013

The deadline for SIM registration expired on 27 November 2013, and consequently Agence Ecofin reports that some 1.7 million SIM cards have been disconnected, although it did not ... More

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