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MOZAMBIQUE: Mcel appoints AMD for SMS anti-fraud technology
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017

Mobile operator Mcel Mozambique has contracted AMD Telecom to fully secure its SMS infrastructure. This will be achieved through a combination of AMD Telecom's SMS firewall, SS7 firewall and A2P se... More

MOZAMBIQUE: Vodacom highlights low Internet charges
Published in issue 00784 of 07 Sep 2017

Vodacom Mozambique has claimed that its Internet prices are the lowest in southern Africa, saying it is in second position in relation to neighbouring countries, even in the face of the challenges ... More

MOZAMBIQUE: Viettel tests the 4G water
Published in issue 00780 of 10 Aug 2017

Mobile operator Viettel is readying to install 4G equipment in Mozambique, with an investment that foresees the creation of a fund to avoid negative impacts in case of currency fluctuations, the on... More

MOZAMBIQUE: Chairman for merged state entities named
Published in issue 00773 of 22 Jun 2017

The new Chairman of the recently merged Moçambique Celular (Mcel) and Telecomunicacoes de Moçambique (TDM) has been named as Mohamed Rafique Jusob. Jusob was the Managing Director of ... More

MOZAMBIQUE: State looks to simplify telecom operations
Published in issue 00772 of 15 Jun 2017

The two state-owned telecoms companies are to be merged to return the loss-making operators to profitability by cutting expenditure, Journal du Cameroun reported.  The merger of the Moz... More

MOZAMBIQUE: Improved functionality for M-Pesa users
Published in issue 00758 of 09 Mar 2017

Vodafone M-Pesa launched its new system on 26 February 2017, promising a better customer service experience.  New features include the name of the recipient being displayed before the t... More

MOZAMBIQUE: Registration takes its toll on subscriber base
Published in issue 00754 of 09 Feb 2017

The Instituto Nacional das Communicacoes de Mozambique has published its market data for 2016. The data shows mobile penetration falling from 80 percent at the end of 2015 to 74 percent at the end ... More

MOZAMBIQUE: INCM records impact of third operator in first review
Published in issue 00750 of 12 Jan 2017

The National Institute of Communications of Mozambique (INCM) has published its first Communications Regulation Report highlighting major development trends and the results 2004 - 2015. It noted th... More

MOZAMBIQUE: Bids for Telecoms Monitoring System called for
Published in issue 00748 of 22 Dec 2016

The Regulatory Authority for Communications (INCM) has launched a public tender for the Procurement and Implementation of a Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring System (TTMS). According to the ann... More

MOZAMBIQUE: INCM stops 5 million SIM cards
Published in issue 00747 of 15 Dec 2016

The National Institute of Communications of Mozambique (INCM) has now blocked some 5 million unregistered SIM cards. The regulator also warned mobile operators mCel, Vodacom and Movitel against all... More

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