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MAURITIUS: MT announces new identity
Published in issue 00793 of 23 Nov 2017

Mauritius Telecom (MT) has rebranded its mobile, broadband and fixed telephony services as ‘my.t’.  At a press conference last week MT CEO Sherry S... More

Published in issue 00787 of 12 Oct 2017

In late September 2017 Mauritius Telecom (MT) signed a deal to use the IOX Cable System to enhance global Internet connectivity in Mauritius. IOX Cable announced that MT has signed an agreem... More

MAURITIUS: Telcos and regulator appeal Emtel decision
Published in issue 00784 of 07 Sep 2017

Mauritius Telecom, Cellplus and the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) have appealed to the Registry of the Supreme Court in the case relating to their owing mobile network... More

MAURITIUS: SAFE connectivity restored after multiple cuts
Published in issue 00779 of 03 Aug 2017

The submarine fibre optic cable South Africa-Far East (SAFE) was returned to normal operation on 25 July 2017, with users in Mauritius and Réunion once again reconnected. Mauritian operator ... More

MAURITIUS: National IoT network promised by SigFox and IO Connect
Published in issue 00775 of 06 Jul 2017

SigFox and Indian Ocean Connect (IO Connect) have launched Mascareignes Connect, an IoT network intended to cover 80 percent of the land mass of Mauritius and 92 percent of its population by August... More

MAURITIUS: ASN to build IOX Cable system
Published in issue 00771 of 08 Jun 2017

IOX Cable Ltd and Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) are to build first open cable connecting Mauritius and Rodrigues islands to South Africa and India.  With a length of some 8,850 km, t... More

MAURITIUS: Harel Mallac cracks on with Wi-Fi terminals
Published in issue 00766 of 04 May 2017

ICT services company Harel Mallac Technologies started the deployment of some 300 Wi-Fi terminals nationally: 60 of which are already in operation. The remaining 240 will be deployed and activated ... More

MAURITIUS: Government flags off new batch of wi-fi spots
Published in issue 00763 of 13 Apr 2017

In partnership with Mauritius Telecom (MT), the government has announced the launch of 350 new free public Wi-Fi hotspots in 20 locations on 6 April, Defi Media reported. The roll-out is a continua... More

MAURITIUS: MT only bidder for Rodrigues tender
Published in issue 00758 of 09 Mar 2017

Mauritius Telecom (MT) has won a contract to provide broadband via submarine cable to Rodrigues, L’Express has reported. Members of the Central Procurement Board met on 22 February to review ... More

MAURITIUS: Emtel completes national roll-out of FTTA
Published in issue 00754 of 09 Feb 2017

Emtel has announced on 30 January 2017 that it had extended coverage of its Airbox fixed wireless access (FWA) service to the whole island, Agence Ecofin reported. The broadband service was availab... More

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