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LIBYA: RASCOM says satellite remains in its control
Published in issue 00773 of 22 Jun 2017

The Regional African Satellite Communication Organization (RASCOM) in Libya, based in Gharyan, has denied reports that that the RascomStar-QAF1 has been 'stolen' by Gulf states, the Libyan Express ... More

LIBYA: Fixed and mobile services restored in Sirte
Published in issue 00770 of 01 Jun 2017

The Libyan Postal and Telecommunications Company (LPTC) has restored mobile and fixed-line services in the city of Sirte. The reconnection follows the cutting of services more than two years after ... More

LIBYA: CBL partners with Al-Madar
Published in issue 00770 of 01 Jun 2017

The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) has launched its mobile e-payment Services Project in conjunction with mobile operator Al-Madar. The CBL said that it expects the services to be operational by Augus... More

LIBYA: Hatif readies for western expansion
Published in issue 00726 of 14 Jul 2016

Hatif Libya (Libya Phone) has said that it has completed the technical work required to expand its fixed wireless Internet service branded ‘Hanet’ in the western region, the Libya Heral... More

LIBYA: LPTIC calls vendors to Malta meetings
Published in issue 00698 of 17 Dec 2015

The Libyan Post and Telecommunications Information Technology Company (LPTIC) is reported to have held a series of meetings in Malta with major vendors over the last couple of mo... More

LIBYA: Telecom assets consolidated under LPTIC
Published in issue 00683 of 27 Aug 2015

Libyan Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology Company (LPTIC) announced on Monday the strategic consolidation of several Libyan owned shareholdings in mobile and fix... More

LIBYA: Governments fight for control of State-owned telecom assets
Published in issue 00675 of 25 Jun 2015

A legal tussle to establish who should run the Libyan Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology Holding Company (LPTHC) has seen the status quo maintained for now. Curre... More

LIBYA: Cuts hit control centre
Published in issue 00669 of 14 May 2015

Telecommunications were briefly cut in eastern and southern Libya on 5 May due to electricity outages at the Hatif Libya telecoms control centre at Khoms, east of Tripoli. The In... More

LIBYA: Al Madar restores eastern services
Published in issue 00646 of 27 Nov 2014

Al Madar has said that its mobile service in eastern Libya is back up and running after a 10-day outage. A key mast damaged at its Benghazi headquarters in Bouatni had been repai... More

LIBYA: Fighting hits Al-Madar facilities
Published in issue 00644 of 13 Nov 2014

Fighting in Benghazi’s Laithi district has damaged a key Al-Madar mast, disrupting mobile coverage across the city, the Libya Herlad has reported. Damage to the mast also affecte... More

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