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ERITREA: Remote areas targeted by Ministry
Published in issue 00720 of 26 May 2016

On the Ministry of Information’s Website the Minister of Transport and Communications, Tesfa Selasie Berhane, has unveiled the major telecom projects for 2016.  The Mi... More

ERITREA: Rural expansion for EriTel
Published in issue 00582 of 01 Aug 2013

State-owned telco Telecommunication Services Corporation (EriTel) has expanded its mobile network in the Af-Himbol administrative area, according to Ministry of Industryís Shabai... More

ERITREA: Eritel targets citizens for its shares
Published in issue 00559 of 21 Feb 2013

Eritrea Telecommunication Services Corporation (EriTel) last week said it had started selling shares. The operator was reported as saying in local press r... More
Includes 1 chart showing:1)eritrea mobile subscribers & penetration 4q 2010 - 4q 2012

ERITREA: EriTel seeks local investors
Published in issue 00553 of 10 Jan 2013

Domestic buyers are to be given the opportunity to acquire a stake in state-owned EriTel as part of plans to increase private investment. The Asmara government is one of the few that until now kept... More

ERITREA: Network expansion actively promoted
Published in issue 00503 of 22 Dec 2011

Eri-Tel (Eritrean Telecommunications Company) Head of Mobile Phone Service, Eng. Mihreteab Tesfagergios is reported by the news-portal as saying... More

ERITREA: Investment sees capacities increased
Published in issue 00472 of 05 May 2011

Tesfaslasie Berhane, General Manager of Eritrean Telecommunication Corporation (ERI-TEL) said that the corporation had implemented capital projects worth more than ERN 1.6 billion (USD 107.4 millio... More

ERITREA: Upgrade underway says Eri-Tel
Published in issue 00458 of 27 Jan 2011

Eri-Tel, the state-owned incumbent operator, has completed the first phase of its current network expansion according to the government-owned Shabait news portal. According to En... More
Includes 1 chart showing:1)eritrea mobile subscribers & penetration 3q08-3q10

ERITREA: Speedy completion of Eritel 3G upgrade
Published in issue 00418 of 01 Apr 2010

Huawei have successfully completed the rollout of Eritrea Telecommunications Services Corporationís (EriTel) 3G network, with the first ceremonial mobile video call completed, ac... More

ERITREA: Extended coverage for Eritel
Published in issue 00219 of 08 Jun 2006

The Eritrean Telecommunication Corporation (Eritel) said late last month that it is working towards the installation of fixed-lines in all urban centres in a th... More

ERITREA: Government receives telecoms loan
Published in issue 00212 of 20 Apr 2006

Reports quote the Eritrean Information Ministry as revealing that Eritrea has secured a USD 23 million loan from China for the development of infrastructure for both fixed and mobile telephones.... More