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CONGO BRAZZAVILLE: Minister tasks telcos with quality improvements
Published in issue 00788 of 19 Oct 2017

Telecom operators have until December 2017 to improve the Quality of Service. A further audit is of service upgrades in promised in November, Agence Ecofin reported. The Minister of Posts, T... More

CONGO BRAZZAVILLE: USF announced by Minister
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017

In a communication dated 11 September 2017, the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, Leon Juste Ibombo has announced the creation of a fund for access and universal servic... More

CONGO BRAZZAVILLE: Azur readies to join broadband-enabled rivals
Published in issue 00778 of 27 Jul 2017

On 15 July 2017 Azur Telecom announced the launch dates of its 3G network in the Central African Republic and the Congo, Agence Ecofin reported. According to Chairman and CEO Jean Bruno Obambi its ... More

Published in issue 00773 of 22 Jun 2017

Congo Telecom Deputy Director General Akouala Akoula repairs to the submarine fibre optic cable WACS will start this week, after it was cut on 11 June.  Akoula said that a repair ship h... More

CONGO BRAZZAVILLE: Airtel closes gap on MTN in 2016
Published in issue 00757 of 02 Mar 2017

As of 31 December 2016, the Agence de Régulation des Postes et des Communications Electroniques reported that there were some 4.7 million mobile subscribers. Chart 1: Con... More

CONGO BRAZZAVILLE: MTN strengthens lead entering fourth quarter
Published in issue 00746 of 08 Dec 2016

Lead mobile operators MTN and Airtel saw their subscriber bases continue to rise in the month of October 2016, according to data published by the Agence de Regulation des Postes et des Communicatio... More

CONGO BRAZZAVILLE: CEEAC pre-meeting sets harmonisation agenda
Published in issue 00745 of 01 Dec 2016

In preparation for a meeting of Ministers of the Telecommunications industry on the adoption of the draft legislation model on ICT, cyber and regulatory framework for cross-border interconnection o... More

CONGO BRAZZAVILLE: Mobile operators recover from subscriber slump
Published in issue 00740 of 27 Oct 2016

The Direction Generale de l'Administration Centrale - Postes et Telecommunications has published its mobile subscriber data for the period through to the end of September 2016. The data... More

CONGO BRAZZAVILLE: Fibre symposium to assess future development and direction
Published in issue 00738 of 06 Oct 2016

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is holding a symposium on 20 – 21 October entitled ‘Optical fibre, a new lever for development in the Republic of Congo’, Adiac Congo ... More

CONGO BRAZZAVILLE: MTN leads market growth
Published in issue 00729 of 04 Aug 2016

There are three mobile operators active in the market, namely MTN, Airtel and Equateur Telecom Congo (Azur). Regulator Agence de Régulation des Postes et des Communications Electroniques rep... More

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