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COMOROS: Telco ownership queried by Internet provider
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017

Mobile phone operator Telma, operating under the Telco brand, is reported to have been offering a poor Internet connection for several days, with connectivity seeing a dramatic fall on 9 September ... More

COMOROS: Groupe Axian steps up the pressure
Published in issue 00747 of 15 Dec 2016

Telma is due to launch its offering in Comoros on the weekend of 10 December, the L’Express has reported.  The operator won its technology neutral licence in October 2015, and the... More

COMOROS: Telco readies to launch irrespective of cable access
Published in issue 00745 of 01 Dec 2016

Telco, the local subsidiary of Madagascar’s mobile operator Telma, is to formally launch its operations on 15 December 2016, Africa Intelligence reported.  Despite initiating a fo... More

COMOROS: Telma sets outs agenda for second licence
Published in issue 00699 of 24 Dec 2015

Following the award of the second telecoms licence in October 2015 to Telecom Malagasy (Telma), the fledgling operator has said that it will offer 4G and fibre services when it l... More

COMOROS: Second licence awarded
Published in issue 00689 of 08 Oct 2015

Comoros regulator Autorite Nationale de Regulation des Tics (Anrtic) has awarded a second telecom licence to Telecom Malagasy Mobile (Telma) on 1 October after what it described ... More

COMOROS: Bidders lined up for second operator
Published in issue 00677 of 16 Jul 2015

Mauritius Telecom and Telecom Malagasy (Telma) are in the running to acquire the second telecoms licence on Comoros, Agence Ecofin reports. The Autorite Nationale de Regulation d... More

COMOROS: Bidders show some interest in Comtel stake
Published in issue 00577 of 27 Jun 2013

Telecom Malagasy (Telma) is reported to be having talks regarding an entrance into adjacent Comoros, where an international tender for the privatisation of state owned PTO Comores ... More

COMOROS: New Year Message from CT DG
Published in issue 00504 of 05 Jan 2012

Comores Telecomís Director General Abiamri Mahmoud has published a Roadmap for 2012 on the Comores Telecom Website. Among the tasks mandated for 2012 is the completion of... More

COMOROS: Pier-to-pier for second mobile operator
Published in issue 00391 of 24 Sep 2009

In May 2007 Comoro Gulf Holding (CGH) was set-up to build, renovate and invest in large projects in the Comoros Islands, including ICT and telecommunications, of which some 10 percent is held ... More

COMOROS: SFR and Comoros Telecom pair up for cheap calls to Mayotte
Published in issue 00389 of 10 Sep 2009

According to online news site, the islands of the Comoros archipelago have come together through an agreement between Comor... More

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