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ANGOLA: Angola Cables to construct data centres with loan
Published in issue 00773 of 22 Jun 2017

Angola Cables is to construct a data center in the city of Fortaleza in Brazil. The same infrastructure will be constructed in Luanda (Angola) and Miami (USA) as well as landing stations for the su... More

ANGOLA: Monet loan confirmed for Angola Cables
Published in issue 00771 of 08 Jun 2017

The Angolan Development Bank (BDA) has announced the finalization of a loan agreement worth USD 130 million, backed by a sovereign guarantee by the government, in favour of Angola Cables. ... More

ANGOLA: ACS commissioned to build telecoms hub
Published in issue 00768 of 18 May 2017

The government is to build a telecoms hub in Luanda, to be financed by the Technical Unit for Private Investment (UTIP) to the tune of some USD 19.5 million, Agence Ecofin has reported. UTIP has ch... More

ANGOLA: SACS marine survey completed
Published in issue 00765 of 27 Apr 2017

Angola Cables has said that it has now completed the marine survey for the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS), and has also started loading cable on the Angolan side. SACS will interconnect with th... More

ANGOLA: Iki to build mobile phone plant
Published in issue 00760 of 23 Mar 2017

Portuguese-based Iki Mobile is to invest some EUR 4 million (USD 4.3 million) to construct a mobile phone assembly plant. The plant will be erected in Luanda, and is expected to be completed by mid... More

ANGOLA: NAPAfrica peering chosen by Angola Cables
Published in issue 00757 of 02 Mar 2017

Angola Cables is expanding its network reach and peering capabilities, and has chosen NAPAfrica as its peering point.  Internet exchange point (IXP) NAPAfrica has over 240 unique connec... More

ANGOLA: Satellite launch set for Q3
Published in issue 00754 of 09 Feb 2017

Angola’s is to launch its first satellite, Russian-built Angosat-1, in the third quarter of 2017, Minister of Telecoms Jose Carvalho da Rocha confirmed in a statement reported by Agence Ecofi... More

ANGOLA: Unitel confirms BFA stake
Published in issue 00750 of 12 Jan 2017

Telecommunications operator Unitel is now the majority shareholder of Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA). This follows a Stock Purchase Agreement for the transfer in favour of Unitel of a shareholding i... More

ANGOLA: Sales focus for Movicel board moves
Published in issue 00747 of 15 Dec 2016

Movicel has named three new board members, Angop has reported.  The new Director-General is Italian Gianvittorio Maselli, replacing Jose Henriques. Movicel’s new marketing directo... More

ANGOLA: RSA PoP for Angola Cables
Published in issue 00744 of 24 Nov 2016

Angola Cables is to launch its first direct point of presence (PoP) in Johannesburg, South Africa, in December 2016. Teraco Data Environments is the colocation partner and will deploy the PoP. ... More

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