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'Africa & Middle East Telecom-Week' is a cost-effective tool for monitoring the mobile, data and fixed telecommunications sector in Africa and the Middle East, with its weekly market update service combing news and statistical analysis in the form of charts, tables and maps: this data is both hard-to-find and unique to the publication.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be an editorial holiday in the last week of September and the first week of October. 

The next issue will therefore be published on Wednesday 11th October 2017.

News in Brief for w/e 21 September 2017

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Chart of the Week: Rwanda Mobile Subscribers July 2016 - August 2017
Rwanda Mobile Subscribers July 2016 - August 2017

Source: rura Copyright: Blycroft 2017

The African Data Center
Rises: the transformation
of African Colocation Markets
The Future of African
Bandwidth Markets
The African FTTH Boom The Africa 4G Spectrum Value
Report: 4G Valuation. Outlook
and Business Models

A & ME SUBSCRIBER STATISTICS: Africa & Middle East Top 100 Mobile Operators: 4Q 2016
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017
An analysis of the Top 100 mobile operators by subscribers in Africa and the Middle East (AME) shows MTN Group in the enviable position of being top ranked in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) ... More
ALGERIA: More provincial coverage for Djezzy 4G
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017
Veon's subsidiary Djezzy claims to have extended the reach of its 4G LTE services by some 25 percent of the Algerian population, compared with 20.5 percent reported at the end of June. Djezzy... More

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BOTSWANA: Regulator says 4G now covers 45% percent of the population
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017
The Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) has reported that 4G broadband penetration now stands at 45 percent of the population, with more than 250 base stations, .... More

BURUNDI: Huawei funds Onamob network upgrade 
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017
The government intends to modernise and update the network of ONAMOB, the mobile arm of state-owned Office National des Telecommunications (Onatel), with the aid of a USD 30 million loan from Huawei... More
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CAPE VERDE: Operator to challenge ANAC directive
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017
CVMovel's marketing of part of its D'Kel Bom packages has been formally suspended by telecom regulator Agencia Nacional das Comunicacoes (ANAC), A Semana reported. The ANAC claims that the mobile ... More

COMOROS: Telco ownership queried by Internet provider
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017
Mobile phone operator Telma, operating under the Telco brand, is reported to have been offering a poor Internet connection for several days, with connectivity seeing a dramatic fall on 9 September ... More

COTE D'IVOIRE: Societe Generale launches wallet in first two markets 
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017
Societe Generale is looking to sign a million customers for its Yup mobile wallet service in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2020. The bank said that it expected to create a network of 8,000 agents to support... More

GABON: Pilot USF installation inspected by ARCEP
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017
The Autorite de Reglementation des Communications Electroniques et des Services Postaux (ARCEP) has announced the official launch of a new Universal Service programme intended to connect 2,700 villages... More

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GHANA: Tigo, Airtel talks slow on government stake demand
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017
The Airtel, Tigo merger is thought to be in danger as the government is reported to be seeking a stake in new entity. The merger talks, which have now been running for some 12 months, now look as ... More

KUWAIT: Kuwait proves 5G on 2GHz sectrum

Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017
Zain Group last week said that it had tested 5G technology, and had achieved maximum throughput speeds of over 70 Giga Bit Per Second (Gbps) over 2GHz spectrum. The tests were undertaken at the Zain... More

MOZAMBIQUE: Mcel appoints AMD for SMS anti-fraud technology
Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017
Mobile operator Mcel Mozambique has contracted AMD Telecom to fully secure its SMS infrastructure. This will be achieved through a combination of AMD Telecom's SMS firewall, SS7 firewall and A2P ... More

NIGERIA: NCC records further dips in July 2017

Published in issue 00786 of 21 Sep 2017
Statistics released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) shows that MTN, Airtel, Globacom and 9Mobile collectively lost some 4 million mobile subscribers between June and July 2017. ... More

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