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ZAMBIA: ZICTA targets operators with unapproved gear
Published in issue 00765 of 27 Apr 2017

The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) raided the head office of CEC Liquid Telecom on 18 April to confiscate equipment allegedly used in phone tapping and other ill... More

ZAMBIA: ZICTA and Zamtel told to innovate
Published in issue 00764 of 20 Apr 2017

President Edgar Lungu has cut funding to the telecom sector regulator Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), as well as telecom operator Zambia Telecommunications Compa... More

ZAMBIA: Vodafone JUMP gets Ministerial blessing
Published in issue 00763 of 13 Apr 2017

Vodafone Zambia has launched its JUMP Academy, an internet-enabled application that offers unlimited access to a wide range of educational materials, tailored to the local curriculum and accessible... More

ZAMBIA: Mobile users to be asked to pay for refuse collection
Published in issue 00762 of 06 Apr 2017

A monthly levy or tariff bundling forcing mobile subscribers to pay for refuse collection has been approved by the Lusaka City Council, ITWebAfrica reported. The levy is to be sourced from deductio... More

ZAMBIA: Zamtel sets sights on next milestone
Published in issue 00761 of 30 Mar 2017

State-owned Zambia Telecommunications Company Limited (Zamtel) says it will attain a total of two million customers before the end of 2017. Zamtel has claimed that its base now exceeds 1.5 million ... More

ZAMBIA: PT deploys Radwin wireless broadband solution
Published in issue 00759 of 16 Mar 2017

Paratus Telecom (PT) has deployed Radwin's Jet Bi-Directional Beamforming wireless broadband solution. PT is using JET to provide high-capacity last mile connectivity to residential and business us... More

ZAMBIA: Huawei Smart data centre commissioned
Published in issue 00757 of 02 Mar 2017

The first national data centre constructed as part of Phase 1 of  the Smart Zambia project has been launched by Huawei Technology Zambia, ITWeb Africa reported. The centre was commissioned by ... More

ZAMBIA: China takes share of ZNBC to fund digital migration
Published in issue 00757 of 02 Mar 2017

The government has said that it will not reverse its decision to award 60 percent of shares of national broadcaster ZNBC to Chinese digital television provider TopStar, ITWeb Africa reported. This ... More

ZAMBIA: CEO steps down at Zamtel
Published in issue 00756 of 23 Feb 2017

Zamtel’s Chief Executive Office Dr Mupanga Mwanakatwe of nearly five years standing has been dismissed for what has been described in a statement as ‘poor performance’, although a... More

ZAMBIA: Rural roll-out starts second phase
Published in issue 00751 of 19 Jan 2017

The Government will roll out the second phase of the communication towers project in rural areas this year at a cost of USD 280 million. The project is due to start as soon as the rainy season is o... More

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