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UGANDA: ZTE launches NOC for MTN
Published in issue 00765 of 27 Apr 2017

ZTE Corporation has launched its Uganda’s network operation centre (NOC) which will allow it to deliver a superior network operation and maintenance service. ZTE is currently working with MTN... More

UGANDA: UCC SIM deadline likely to hit rural money users
Published in issue 00764 of 20 Apr 2017

The directive issued by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) requiring all SIM cards to be registered by 20 April is thought unlikely to be met. The New Vision reports that people in the rura... More

UGANDA: Smile to expand network
Published in issue 00764 of 20 Apr 2017

Wireless ISP Smile Communications is to invest some UGX 167 billion (USD 46 million) to strengthen and expand its network infrastructure in the 15 districts where it is already active, Agence Ecofi... More

UGANDA: Regulator tells operators to cut-off unregistered SIMs
Published in issue 00762 of 06 Apr 2017

Mobile operators have asked the government for access to the National Identity Card Database to allow them to verify subscribers as part of the SIM card registration process, PCTech magazine report... More

UGANDA: Internet forum to focus on next 60 million users
Published in issue 00762 of 06 Apr 2017

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) is to host the ‘Internet for All Forum’, working with the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, ITWebAfrica reported. The UCC's Post, Broadca... More

UGANDA: UTL debts identified by Committee
Published in issue 00759 of 16 Mar 2017

A preliminary report by a Parliamentary select committee investigating Uganda Telecom Ltd (UTL) operations has found that the company owes the government and private sector entities over UGX 700 bi... More

UGANDA: Government takes control of UTL
Published in issue 00758 of 09 Mar 2017

Control of Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) has returned to government hands after the majority shareholder LAP Green Network failed to inject sufficient capital to facilitate a turnaround.  ... More

UGANDA: Parliamentary UTL probe to visit Libya
Published in issue 00756 of 23 Feb 2017

A group of MPs forming a Parliamentary select committee which is investigating mismanagement at Uganda Telecom (UTL) are to travel to Libya to meet with members of the UTL board who are resident th... More

UGANDA: UTL confident of interconnect resolution
Published in issue 00754 of 09 Feb 2017

Uganda Telecom Ltd (UTL) Chairman Stephen Kaboyo has said that subscribers will continue to be connected to rival networks despite a threat made by Airtel Uganda to disconnect calls from UTL, the N... More

UGANDA: Airtel cuts link with UTL
Published in issue 00753 of 02 Feb 2017

The interconnection deal between Airtel Uganda and Uganda Telecom (Mango) is to be cancelled this week over claims that payments have not been made. The New Vision notes that this is not the first ... More

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