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LIBERIA: K3 offers triple play for USD 88 a month
Published in issue 00757 of 02 Mar 2017

K3 Telecom, using its unique wireless Air Lastmile technology, says that is offering the Internet at nearly ten times the speed for a fraction of the prevailing monthly cost. Swiss-based K3 Telecom... More

LIBERIA: Incremental tax challenge for Lonestar Cell
Published in issue 00752 of 26 Jan 2017

The House of Representatives have summoned Lonestar Cell MTN’s management over what has been described as ‘deceit’ for cutting off a three-day free promotion after it was the only... More

LIBERIA: Lonestar ups the ante on DDOS
Published in issue 00747 of 15 Dec 2016

Lonestar Cell MTN is investing over USD 1.5 million to counter the repeated wave of cyber-attacks on its network, while urging the Government to ‘take strong interest in ensuring that the sit... More

LIBERIA: Lonestar still subjected to DDOS attacks
Published in issue 00745 of 01 Dec 2016

The recent ‘denial of service’ attack appears to be still on-going, the Liberian Observer reported Lonestar Cell MTN as saying on 22 November. Consequently Internet connectivity is slow... More

LIBERIA: Arbor appointed by MTN to ward off attacks
Published in issue 00742 of 10 Nov 2016

MTN Group has appointed international anti-cyber firm Arbor International to provide a permanent solution to Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) that Lonestar Cell MTN has been recently subjected ... More

LIBERIA: Novafone blamed for SIM box fraud
Published in issue 00734 of 08 Sep 2016

The Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) claims that anti-fraud key indicators have uncovered illegal calls being made from Novafone SIM cards to international numbers. The Daily Observer rep... More

LIBERIA: LTA considers MTRs
Published in issue 00727 of 21 Jul 2016

The Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) in 2016 commissioned a review and revision of the LTA’s Mobile Termination Rate Model (2009) and has now given notice of its intent to release, ... More

LIBERIA: LTA confirms Novafone deal is dead
Published in issue 00719 of 19 May 2016

At the start of the month it was reported that the Liberia Telecommunication Corporation’s (LIBTELCO) deal to purchase mobile operator Novafone was to be subjected to Parliamentary scrutiny b... More

LIBERIA: Novofone deal killed by President; offices closed
Published in issue 00718 of 12 May 2016

The Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO’s) proposed takeover of failing mobile operator Novafone (formerly Comium Liberia) is reported not to have found favour with President Ell... More

LIBERIA: Fixed-line LIBTECO eyes Novafone
Published in issue 00716 of 28 Apr 2016

State-owned Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO) is reportedly close to announcing a takeover deal of third-ranked mobile operator Novafone (formerly Comium Liberia), FrontPageAfrica r... More

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